Nose Bleeds and Stiff Upper Lips

My nose has been bleeding all through the week, as are my lips and well ... I think that's about it, but let's face it, it is not pleasant!

My mouth taste's like the bus railings on the BMTC buses, as if I was using one as a teether. And you know, not many 19-year olds use those things. Today I was playing TT with acchan for about an hour. Few minutes after I finished with the game and he'd gone upstairs, I was to find myself bleeding over a copy of Anne Frank's Diary. Almost as if the bloodshed around Anne was reflecting in my life.

And it's so damn hot up here. With the prospect of internals next week and a lot of cramming to do, it's no wonder that everything feels oppressive.

India sucked yesterday night. I wish I hadn't stayed up now. Feel totally wasted.

Maybe I should continue writing, get a bigger book to write in.

How am I supposed to maintain a stiff upper lip now, when it's falling off...?
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