X'AM Update

An update:

Date Subject
26.12.2006 MATHS III(31) (Fuck macha!)
28.12.2006 ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS(32) (Fuck! 60 marks wrote macha!)
30.12.2006 LOGIC DESIGN(33) (F.! Guarantee back macha!)
03.01.2007 DISCRETE MATHEMATICAL STRUCTURES(34) (F.! Last 2 chapters 42 marks macha! didn't study!)
05.01.2007 DATA STRUCTURES(35) (35 marks macha! Flat line macha!)
08.01.2007 OOP WITH C++(36) (Ssup macha! How much you done? Not fuckin' started)

The last subject remains to be seen.

Let's hope 8th's a good day to die!

Hey maybe the subject codes are actually the highest marks possible in the subject! Now I get it! there's a conspiracy to fuckin' f. our lives up! I shall checkmate them yet...! Hee haa haa!
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