New Year Shmear!

Why the big fuss! It's only going to make a difference in the date, isn't it?
When did I become so cynical? My father remarked a few minutes ago when my sister asked about New Year gifts. "The new year is just a commercial! Just designed to remind people that the last digits of the dates after 11:59 PM, 31st Dec. 2006 all have '07' after them... " Very wise, yet very practical way of looking at things, ain't it?

First post of the new year, and it's not such a noble deed ! (Damn! This keyboard sure is clunky! None of the keys are responding to pummelling!)

After multiple sign-in attempts, Google finally let me post this post, thank you and may everyone@Google have a very productive year! (Fixing all the goddamn bugs for instance!)

Orkut logged me in after 5 attempts, after repeated captchas and everything!

Scrapped a couple of people, responding to sincere requests to get my head examined! :-) And changed the profile pic, matches my haircut for the new year!

Have an eventful year! And don't forget after 11:59 PM, 31st Dec. 2006... you know what to do!
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