Jaded, Me?

I was scrapped recently:
"I wonder whose birdday it is and all tomorrow!"


"hey babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, ready for b'day tom?!"

Sometimes, I wonder whether all this attention is even worth it. People sit up till 12, call up and wake up the entire house! At the end of it all, its just like the delivery report that comes back after an SMS you send out is delivered - you're telling the world that "yeah! you're a year older, and a little more miserable!"

So, then you begin to distance yourself from it all, and then ask yourself: is it really worth it? Of what practical importance is it really? Why the fuss! My mother said that in these troubled times, another year of life is something of an achievement! My father who is quite opposed to any form of show whatsoever, disagreed. "What's in a birthday?" Its just another day in your life, it lasts 24 hours=1440 minutes=86400 seconds."

Oh yes, there's the special treatment and everything! All the BS that you went through with people in the preceding year is put aside and people actually want to be nice to you on this one day. But that's for people who have problems with other people, I usually try to keep on everybody's good side, and as far as I know, I don't have too many people on the blacklist of "People I Shall Never Ever Hold a Conversation With".

Am I too jaded for my age? Or just making too big an issue of small things? (The god of small things, perhaps?)

40 minutes till 12 AM and the 1st of Feb, I'm am 19-year-old. Phones waiting for callers! :-)
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