I've Got Ur Pic in My Pants (Muahhh-hahahahaa!!) ;>:->

Just thought I'd take a break from the grinding-my-nose-in-the-books-routine.

Logged onto Orkut. My friend and classmate Chandru was online and simultaneously busy! Weird, how can people be Orkutting when they're busy is something that's way beyond me! Anyway, the conversation was unlike any I've ever had with this guy in the many months I've known him online. Here's the chat session transcript below:

---Start of chat transcript---

Chandru ........!! is busy.

: Hey
Manu: Studying eh?
Chandru: no
Manu: Or planning to bunk tomorrow?
Chandru: bunk wat
Manu: (cough choke splutter!)
Well, ignore that.
How is you?
Sent at 9:04 PM on Thursday
Chandru: bad
Manu: Uh huh?
Why so?
Chandru: had a bad last night
Manu: Why? Got really drunk? How can that be bad?!!
Chandru: bad sex
Manu: Right... And in my case, turned out she was a lesbian...
She had her moment of enlightenment just as I got there!
Damn yaar!
Chandru: in my case she was he
Manu: Bad choice... Terrible choice...
Chandru: kis my a**
Manu: Not in the cards my friend!
Chandru: better than urs
Manu: Hey, the difference was subtle here!
Chandru: i have a card with ur photo
and i am goin to insert it in my pant
Manu: Right... Hope that keeps you happy...
Chandru: r u happy
Manu: :-)
Yes, I'm happy about life...
Not happy about this conversation...
Chandru: so still wanna kiss my a.
Manu: Nope...
Never want to.
Never wanted to...
Never will...
Chandru: wat u doin
Manu: As long Athair Ar Neamh...
Well, studying, would be accurate...


Sent at 9:10 PM on Thursday

---End of chat transcript---

An abrupt log out. And in case you were wondering what 'Athair Ar Neamh' meant, it's roughly 'God is in his heaven'. (Thank you Eithne Patricia Ní Bhraonáin! I love you!)

Update: Turns out this 'Chandru' wasn't Chandru at all, but one of his friends masquerading as him... Turns out Chandru logged onto Orkut at his friends place and very conveniently left his password for his friend to use! So, while this 'Chandru' f***s around with Chandru's account , Chandru ignores his exploits and let's these interesting conversations happen.

Moral of the story, always check whether 'Password History' is enabled when you log onto Orkut or any other social networking site from any machine to which people like the 'C.' above might have unrestricted access. They could wreck havoc with your social circle and you'll end up having to give very long-winded tales of that-boy-miss-miss...

So girls, beware! or you could find your picture in your friend's pants some day! Yuck! :-)

But then again, what are friends for? Hmmm?
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