Opening scene:
A grey, and brooding scene of an empty stadium
. A figure walks into the scene, back to the camera, a voiceover (not very clear at that),.
Black screen, another voiceover (not very clear again, apparently a shloka is being chanted).
Then a shot of an farm, a young boy tells his dad that he failed in his 10th exams, he wants to go abroad. Dad's a schoolmaster and is almost ready to kill the guy! The boy's mother is very supportive, (a lot more than we expect mothers to be!) and, he goes to Istanbul, sells cans of petrol as a young boy, then he's trading stuff at the market there/camera pans and lo and behold! there's AB Junior ready to step into his role. Maiya Maiya Mallika!!! is HOT enough to wear some really nice outfits, that have no function as to keeping people warm. The credits roll in tune with the song. AB Jr. gets promoted to plant manager, doesn't want to work for the goras anymore, and goes back to India to do some serious vyaapari.
Ash dances in the rain. Tries running away with BF, who doesn't gets serious attack of cold feet, (must be the weather) meets AB in the train, cries some, he gives her some advice, and sends her back home, then marries her for her money, then they go to Bombay with her bro, try all tricks to get into the textile market, get separated, and then there's a dream song which just doesn't fit... He sets up factories under the umbrella of Shakti Corp. with some dodgy stuff in the background to keep the netas happy and avoid a whole lot of customs and duties and taxes. Madhavan is a journo who likes Vidya Balan and smooches her in the rain, a very weird one at that. But Guru has made a lot of people rich, so they've got a lot to be thankful for, the ingrates! In the end he suffers a stroke and manages to keep the company going after making speeches at a judicial enquiry into the stuff that he's done, to make India rich!

Guru is not worth Rs. 150/ticket! Not at all what I expected from Mani Ratnam.
It feels like any other bollywood film! From a director who has made movies like Kannthil Mutthamittal and Nayakan, this is trash! It lacks the flow and poignancy that most of his movies have in oodles. Look at the way the growth of the character is potrayed, a couple of snapshots, just like somebody hit the fast-forward button and kept it pressed till the end. And look at the ridiculousness of the dream-song sequence when Guru and wife are living apart! What happens to the estranged brother after he leaves Guru? What about Maddy and Mithun Chak.? Mithun visits Guru at the hospital, and leaves without a word. And the acting's not too great either!

I remember how my father - an ardent Mani Ratnam fan - reacted to the movie:
(five minutes after the movie)
"Well, it was average, not a great movie, for M. R.'s standards."

(half-an-hour after the movie)
"It was trash, and the songs were terrible!"

(the next day)
"I'd have given Shekawat (!) five bucks for her dance. The remaining 145 was wasted!"

I completely agree! Just watch a movie like Nayakan after Guru! You'll know what a M.R. movie is supposed to be! I know because that's what I did. :)
All in all it's not worth the money! Crappy movie! Maybe Rat-nam's losing his touch!
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