Jaded, Me?

I was scrapped recently:
"I wonder whose birdday it is and all tomorrow!"


"hey babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, ready for b'day tom?!"

Sometimes, I wonder whether all this attention is even worth it. People sit up till 12, call up and wake up the entire house! At the end of it all, its just like the delivery report that comes back after an SMS you send out is delivered - you're telling the world that "yeah! you're a year older, and a little more miserable!"

So, then you begin to distance yourself from it all, and then ask yourself: is it really worth it? Of what practical importance is it really? Why the fuss! My mother said that in these troubled times, another year of life is something of an achievement! My father who is quite opposed to any form of show whatsoever, disagreed. "What's in a birthday?" Its just another day in your life, it lasts 24 hours=1440 minutes=86400 seconds."

Oh yes, there's the special treatment and everything! All the BS that you went through with people in the preceding year is put aside and people actually want to be nice to you on this one day. But that's for people who have problems with other people, I usually try to keep on everybody's good side, and as far as I know, I don't have too many people on the blacklist of "People I Shall Never Ever Hold a Conversation With".

Am I too jaded for my age? Or just making too big an issue of small things? (The god of small things, perhaps?)

40 minutes till 12 AM and the 1st of Feb, I'm am 19-year-old. Phones waiting for callers! :-)


Opening scene:
A grey, and brooding scene of an empty stadium
. A figure walks into the scene, back to the camera, a voiceover (not very clear at that),.
Black screen, another voiceover (not very clear again, apparently a shloka is being chanted).
Then a shot of an farm, a young boy tells his dad that he failed in his 10th exams, he wants to go abroad. Dad's a schoolmaster and is almost ready to kill the guy! The boy's mother is very supportive, (a lot more than we expect mothers to be!) and, he goes to Istanbul, sells cans of petrol as a young boy, then he's trading stuff at the market there/camera pans and lo and behold! there's AB Junior ready to step into his role. Maiya Maiya Mallika!!! is HOT enough to wear some really nice outfits, that have no function as to keeping people warm. The credits roll in tune with the song. AB Jr. gets promoted to plant manager, doesn't want to work for the goras anymore, and goes back to India to do some serious vyaapari.
Ash dances in the rain. Tries running away with BF, who doesn't gets serious attack of cold feet, (must be the weather) meets AB in the train, cries some, he gives her some advice, and sends her back home, then marries her for her money, then they go to Bombay with her bro, try all tricks to get into the textile market, get separated, and then there's a dream song which just doesn't fit... He sets up factories under the umbrella of Shakti Corp. with some dodgy stuff in the background to keep the netas happy and avoid a whole lot of customs and duties and taxes. Madhavan is a journo who likes Vidya Balan and smooches her in the rain, a very weird one at that. But Guru has made a lot of people rich, so they've got a lot to be thankful for, the ingrates! In the end he suffers a stroke and manages to keep the company going after making speeches at a judicial enquiry into the stuff that he's done, to make India rich!

Guru is not worth Rs. 150/ticket! Not at all what I expected from Mani Ratnam.
It feels like any other bollywood film! From a director who has made movies like Kannthil Mutthamittal and Nayakan, this is trash! It lacks the flow and poignancy that most of his movies have in oodles. Look at the way the growth of the character is potrayed, a couple of snapshots, just like somebody hit the fast-forward button and kept it pressed till the end. And look at the ridiculousness of the dream-song sequence when Guru and wife are living apart! What happens to the estranged brother after he leaves Guru? What about Maddy and Mithun Chak.? Mithun visits Guru at the hospital, and leaves without a word. And the acting's not too great either!

I remember how my father - an ardent Mani Ratnam fan - reacted to the movie:
(five minutes after the movie)
"Well, it was average, not a great movie, for M. R.'s standards."

(half-an-hour after the movie)
"It was trash, and the songs were terrible!"

(the next day)
"I'd have given Shekawat (!) five bucks for her dance. The remaining 145 was wasted!"

I completely agree! Just watch a movie like Nayakan after Guru! You'll know what a M.R. movie is supposed to be! I know because that's what I did. :)
All in all it's not worth the money! Crappy movie! Maybe Rat-nam's losing his touch!

In HolydayLand

"I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies
This is the dawning of the rest of our lives
This is our lives on holiday."
-'Holiday', Green Day

Hey! How'd I get here! HolydayLand is somewhere I've never quite managed to reach in the past two years! A land where sukh and shanti descend on many a troubled mind. Its a great feeling being here. You get the feeling that you're not obliged to anyone higher or lower than you. You have all the time in the universe, and all the time to waste planning how to waste all the time that you have to waste, doing things like:

  • Go to the malls, (Forum and Garuda are best!) taking pictures of you and your friends (actually getting pretty looking specimens of the opposite sex to do the honours!!)... Yeah! I feel good... MCP?? Maybe, but its fun!
  • Just buying a daily pass for Rs. 25 and going round and round Bangalore (Bangalore darshan BMTC-ishtyle, yeah!
  • Going to SP Road and buying all the gizmos and hardware you needed all those lonely winter months!
  • Blogging endlessly, something that I have not done for quite some time now.
  • Staying up till 3 AM renewing connections with old friends.
  • Waking up at 10, not at all bothered about the guilt you would have felt in CollegedayLand!
  • Finding a woman (not a girl!) you wish you'd wake up next to each morning for the rest of your life...

And some more stuff... Wait I need to upload those pics I'd taken today. Later.

X'AM Update

An update:

Date Subject
26.12.2006 MATHS III(31) (Fuck macha!)
28.12.2006 ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS(32) (Fuck! 60 marks wrote macha!)
30.12.2006 LOGIC DESIGN(33) (F.! Guarantee back macha!)
03.01.2007 DISCRETE MATHEMATICAL STRUCTURES(34) (F.! Last 2 chapters 42 marks macha! didn't study!)
05.01.2007 DATA STRUCTURES(35) (35 marks macha! Flat line macha!)
08.01.2007 OOP WITH C++(36) (Ssup macha! How much you done? Not fuckin' started)

The last subject remains to be seen.

Let's hope 8th's a good day to die!

Hey maybe the subject codes are actually the highest marks possible in the subject! Now I get it! there's a conspiracy to fuckin' f. our lives up! I shall checkmate them yet...! Hee haa haa!

I've Got Ur Pic in My Pants (Muahhh-hahahahaa!!) ;>:->

Just thought I'd take a break from the grinding-my-nose-in-the-books-routine.

Logged onto Orkut. My friend and classmate Chandru was online and simultaneously busy! Weird, how can people be Orkutting when they're busy is something that's way beyond me! Anyway, the conversation was unlike any I've ever had with this guy in the many months I've known him online. Here's the chat session transcript below:

---Start of chat transcript---

Chandru ........!! is busy.

: Hey
Manu: Studying eh?
Chandru: no
Manu: Or planning to bunk tomorrow?
Chandru: bunk wat
Manu: (cough choke splutter!)
Well, ignore that.
How is you?
Sent at 9:04 PM on Thursday
Chandru: bad
Manu: Uh huh?
Why so?
Chandru: had a bad last night
Manu: Why? Got really drunk? How can that be bad?!!
Chandru: bad sex
Manu: Right... And in my case, turned out she was a lesbian...
She had her moment of enlightenment just as I got there!
Damn yaar!
Chandru: in my case she was he
Manu: Bad choice... Terrible choice...
Chandru: kis my a**
Manu: Not in the cards my friend!
Chandru: better than urs
Manu: Hey, the difference was subtle here!
Chandru: i have a card with ur photo
and i am goin to insert it in my pant
Manu: Right... Hope that keeps you happy...
Chandru: r u happy
Manu: :-)
Yes, I'm happy about life...
Not happy about this conversation...
Chandru: so still wanna kiss my a.
Manu: Nope...
Never want to.
Never wanted to...
Never will...
Chandru: wat u doin
Manu: As long Athair Ar Neamh...
Well, studying, would be accurate...


Sent at 9:10 PM on Thursday

---End of chat transcript---

An abrupt log out. And in case you were wondering what 'Athair Ar Neamh' meant, it's roughly 'God is in his heaven'. (Thank you Eithne Patricia Ní Bhraonáin! I love you!)

Update: Turns out this 'Chandru' wasn't Chandru at all, but one of his friends masquerading as him... Turns out Chandru logged onto Orkut at his friends place and very conveniently left his password for his friend to use! So, while this 'Chandru' f***s around with Chandru's account , Chandru ignores his exploits and let's these interesting conversations happen.

Moral of the story, always check whether 'Password History' is enabled when you log onto Orkut or any other social networking site from any machine to which people like the 'C.' above might have unrestricted access. They could wreck havoc with your social circle and you'll end up having to give very long-winded tales of that-boy-miss-miss...

So girls, beware! or you could find your picture in your friend's pants some day! Yuck! :-)

But then again, what are friends for? Hmmm?

New Year Shmear!

Why the big fuss! It's only going to make a difference in the date, isn't it?
When did I become so cynical? My father remarked a few minutes ago when my sister asked about New Year gifts. "The new year is just a commercial! Just designed to remind people that the last digits of the dates after 11:59 PM, 31st Dec. 2006 all have '07' after them... " Very wise, yet very practical way of looking at things, ain't it?

First post of the new year, and it's not such a noble deed ! (Damn! This keyboard sure is clunky! None of the keys are responding to pummelling!)

After multiple sign-in attempts, Google finally let me post this post, thank you and may everyone@Google have a very productive year! (Fixing all the goddamn bugs for instance!)

Orkut logged me in after 5 attempts, after repeated captchas and everything!

Scrapped a couple of people, responding to sincere requests to get my head examined! :-) And changed the profile pic, matches my haircut for the new year!

Have an eventful year! And don't forget after 11:59 PM, 31st Dec. 2006... you know what to do!