I'm sitting here in the Nut lab of college as usual, when I see a couple of hairballs rolling all over the floor of the lab... The fans are blowing it.

I see it trace it's path amidst all the feet shuffles and chair legs and people walking and network cables and whatnot. And make it's way back to where it had started from. It's a symbol of life. You are a hairball, just getting to know people, touching their lives in some way moving on... And then you go back to where you came from... And then the cycle repeats itself. And there's always somebody watching you.

Not reacting to what you do, just observing... And blogging.
An update on the reality shows issue:

If you look at any newschannel worth it's salt today, all they're talking about is the reality behind reality shows... One day it was CNN-IBN and the next day it was NDTV. I mean, come on! They're organising SMS polls and looting the public and the irony of it was that on CNN 80% of the voters thought that reality shows weren't rigged. And the next day on the NDTV poll it was the other way around! :-)

Now that's changing views for you!

And since when did we need two newschannels to run an expose on reality shows! And leave us more confused than ever!) Don't we all have something else to worry about?
Nut Lab Adventures

This is funny, my friends and I head to the "Nut Lab" in college as we call it and log on to Talk. Then we sit within a few feet of each other and bitch about everybody in class and whine about why engineering is such a waste of time. We ogle at girls on Orkut and check out some interesting blogs.

And all this when we're supposed to be educating ourselves in the matters of S-R Latches and Abelian Groups. :-)