The summer is relentless this year in Bangalore.

Friends seem to just slip through your fingers when you've just begun
to think "Hey. I'm getting to know this person." Everything seems
unprofitable and stale. Nothing seems doable. I just slump into a coma
these days, when I look at the pile of books lying on my desk. It's
not worth it, I tell myself. I'm usually content with re-reading a
nicely thumbed edition of Wodehouse. I laugh myself silly and when I'm
done reading, I think - God! What a waste of time!

My thoughts too seem too obscure for words. I go to college because
I'm expected to. Not because I want too. The thirst for knowledge that
was there before the first semester exams is gone. I feel too
saturated to care.

Dry weather and heat are ever-prevalent. Some rain, that's all I ask for.
I walk home everyday and the only companions I have - the leaves - dry
and restless right now seem to agree. All zest for life and learning,
along with my imagination, has vaporised in the summer heat.

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